Pakistan politics at times is no less than a Star Plus drama. Many times, we have seen our politicians go through Kasauti Zindagi Ki and Son Pari-ing from unfavorable situations. Certainly, the best screenplay can be made with details of various politicians leaving Pakistan, in self-exile most of the times that is. Imagine what it would have been like if only Bollywood songs were played in the background.

We imagine the situations would go something like this: 

1) Pervez Musharraf

In 2008 Pervez Musharraf went into self-exile, after resigning from the post of President of Pakistan. Musharraf had been charged in a treason case for unlawfully suspending the constitution and a few other cases. He even received threats from the Taliban. Musharraf returned to Pakistan in 2013 and escaped a murder attempt for the fourth time. Since then, Musharraf has been dawdling in showing up for the cases in Supreme Court and Taliban is heard singing…

Kiun desh bedesh phirray maara, kiun haal behaal thakka haara… Don’t you think these lyrics synchronize more with the situation of Musharraf than the original music video?

2) Nawaz Shareef

Holding the office as Prime minister of Pakistan twice, Shareef was exiled to Saudi Arabia for 10 years in regards to the hijacking of Musharraf’s plane. But, after completing 7 years of exile, Shareef returned to Pakistan and all we can hear in our heads is…

In 2018, Shareef was removed from the post of Prime Minister of Pakistan and disqualified for life by Supreme Court. After been again convicted of corruption Shareef tried to scoot away to London but, returned. And this time NAB be like…

3) Ishaq Dar

Our former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar turned to show-business (yet another business!!!) Dar was to appear in regards to a corruption reference at accountability court, but looks like all he assumed was….

4) Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain has been majorly responsible for instability in Karachi. A month before the crackdown against MQM in 1992, fugitive Altaf Hussain fled to the UK . Even saat samadar paar he is presumed to be behind trouble in Karachi and his expression of hate speech reminds us of:

And next phrase for us is on target… can you guess it??? Yes, indeed ye sandese humain such main tarpaatay hain.

5)Benazir Bhutto

Benazir returned from self-imposed exile in 1984 and 2007 from UK and Dubai, respectively. However, in 2007 it seemed as if she came back to ride the pale horse and was assassinated.

Surely from whom we want a chit’thi and sandes is sadly gone forever!

 Wondering what Imran Khan will be like while watching this whole political drama? All we can imagine is Imran Khan approaching with a full obsession of fetching Pakistan’s money and singing, ye oonchay mehal suhanay

So, do you have any songs in mind that harmonize with any Pakistan political situation? Share with us in the comments below!



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