The iconic show first aired in 2007 and because of the immense love and success it received, it ran for 12 seasons. The Big Bang Theory is now coming to an end following 11 successful years of being on air. This is a show responsible for some of the most iconic characters in television history such as Sheldon Cooper, Howard, Leonard and Penny. It is a show that in the most recognizably different way introduced smart women as the new sexy with characters like Bernadette and Amy.

To celebrate the end of this show, we have gathered our top 6 favourite moments. Here is a short compilation of some of our favorite Big Bang episodes:

1. The Middle Earth Paradigm

All the boys in the season dress up for Penny’s Halloween party; Leonard decides to go as Frodo, Raj as Thor, Sheldon as the Doppler Effect and Howard as Robin Hood. The first season had pretty much set the tone, letting us know how different they were from Penny’s own social circle. Thus the episode is a hilarious sequence of awkward interactions between the two. However, this episode also opens up the actual possibility of Penny and Leonard and introduces a new wave of responses from Raj when he finds out he’s had a one night stand.

2. The Panty Piñata Polarization

Sheldon and Penny’s friendship was loved by audiences everywhere mainly because they were polar opposites. It was their head butting personalities that made their friendship both funny and genuine. This has to be one of the best episodes revealing their dynamic. Penny stays on edge with Sheldon and finally is on the outs with him, leading to her banishment from his apartment. After hilarious set ups where both are being forced to apologize while also poking at each other’s weaknesses, Sheldon is forced to bend after the quintessential conversation with an angry mother.

3. The Adhesive Duck Deficiency

Sheldon refuses to go with the guys on a road trip to watch the meteor shower. Upon arrival they are offered some cookies from a neighborhood camp, not knowing that they were “special’ cookies. Their trip turns into a stoners den as they begin revealing their secrets to one another in a euphoric state. While this was funny enough, Sheldon’s alone time in the apartment introduces the fans to another favorite Penny and Sheldon moment. Penny injures herself while taking a shower with only Sheldon present to help her dress up and go to the hospital. Sheldon is forced to sing her the infamous “soft kitty” song.

4. The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification

This episode not only brings Apple’s founder on the television screen, it is also a hilarious compilation of errors and annoyances. Sheldon discovers his limited lifespan and wishes to extend it by changing his diet. If that alone wasn’t funny with the gastric responses, he builds a mobile device to ensure he is virtually present long after he is gone. This unfolds Leonard’s utter annoyance with robot Sheldon as he struggles to power him off.

5. The Love Spell Potential

Penny, Amy and Bernadette plan a trip to Vegas. On the other hand the guys decide to orchestrate a Dungeons and Dragons marathon. The girls end up not going because Amy wants to play the marathon with the guys. This leads to Shamy going to the next level as their characters in the game are required to “do it.” Raj also gets lucky by going out with Lucy who is exactly like him when talking to the boys. Howard’s impersonation of Christopher Walken and Al Pacino is not to be missed.

6. The Prom Equivalency

The girls relive their proms to ensure good memories are attached to them but Penny opts out. The episode is a feel good one and funny at the same time as everyone responds to their prom experiences. The audience gets to witness Sheldon freak out yet again hoping he is not anticipated to contribute anything more than his time in the prom endeavor. Despite his fears, the couples on television end up enjoying their nights, Penny included, and Amy finally tells Sheldon how she feels.

If you think we missed something and need to add to the list, leave a comment below and follow our page for regular updates.


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