In a small hole behind the medicine cabinet, Bulgari the rat paces the entire length of his private suite (which isn’t much, to begin with). He kicks away a piece of bread in disgust, I don’t need food, I need something to save my empire, he says to himself.

Through a storied career that started as a lab rat, Bulgari has seen it all. He was made to undergo countless experiments, which made him develop some sort of immunity to the usual off-the-shelf rodenticides. After escaping from the lab, Bulgari made a new identity for himself and once all his main rivals had been killed off by rat traps and poison, he was the last rat standing with a vast empire at his disposal.

ghussal khana khappay

Finding in the KKK a party without a strong leader, he was able to unite them under a common banner through his fiery speeches and ability to woo important figures. The result was a landslide victory in the first local elections after the end of the dictatorship rule. However, politics is a dirty business and the latest round of rumors threatens to dismantle his empire. Not going to happen, says Bulgari to himself, I’ll do whatever is necessary to save my empire. Checking the time, he makes his way through the secret tunnel to the ghussal khana.

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