A comedian from Karachi, Natalia Gul Jilani’s recent act has angered Sindhi’s all across after performing a set that mocked and talked about the quirks of the community. Sindhi’s have responded rather aggressively calling it offensive after watching the video titled Sindhi Encyclopedia on an online platform called “The Circus.”

Here is the video:

After receiving the backlash from the Sindhi community, even the page was forced to issue an apology. They released a statement claiming that the video had been removed and apologized for its offensive nature. Jilani herself later was reported to have issued an apologetic video.

Despite being a part of the infamous Khawatoons led by comedian Faiza Saleem, Jilani expressed how she didn’t anticipate being caught under the fire by making fun of her own self.

Even renowned folk singer Sanam Marvi took to social media and negated Jilani’s act calling it downright offensive and not humorous.

Jilani claimed that she had been receiving life threats since the video that had alarmed her family for her safety concern. She spoke of her national and international experience and stated how such a response from a wide audience was not anticipated and was not intended to harm any culture’s values or feelings. Even though she tried to inform the masses how comedy works, she ensured her message was clear.

Soon after, people from across the country poured in their support for her stating how an apology was not needed and that people needed to learn to laugh at their own expense.

Such acts make us wonder about the true worth of a human life. Is it really that simple to put someone’s life in danger on the basis of something that was made to make us laugh in the first place?

Moreover, it’s also hypocritical of us as Pakistani’s and brown people generally to have such a disproportionate level of hate when we ourselves tend to stereotype other communities all the time. Punjabis, Sindhis, Pathans are just three of the ethnic communities that often face ridicule at the hands of other communities. Furthermore, we are also heavily racist towards black people as well as our own darker skinned brown people. And those jokes often cross all boundaries. So are we really in a position to call out Jilani, when she was at least coming from a position of her own experience?

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