Pakistanis are in a frenzy over a Dutch contest with blasphemous connotations for the Muslim world. Even Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken notice of the derrogatory contest, which defames Islam and the Prophet (SAW). While the contest is condemnable on all fronts and certainly deserves an outcry against it, there are more troubling matters at hand regarding the sensitive nature of this nation’s relationship and love for the Prophet (SAW). This week a Pakistani mob attacked an Ahmadi Mosque located in Faisalabad. During this attack 2 Ahmadi’s were injured and 6 killed. But people are barely batting an eye towards these atrocities within the country.

The mob attacked the mosque a little after maghrib prayers as a result of a cockfight between Ahmadi and Sunni teenagers.

It was later reported that the dispute resulted in some members opening fire at the crowd leading to the deaths and injuries.

The fight later escalated to the point where the Sunni group went into the Ahmadi Mosque and set several items there on fire.

One of the eyewitnesses even claimed that the argument was orchestrated by one of the Sunni Maulvi’s of the area. The injured victims were moved into independent hospitals within the city of Faisalabad. What is even more appalling is that no television news channel seemed to have been interested in reporting the incident.

2018 has homed various similar attacks on the Ahmadi community where uncountable of them have lost their lives on baseless arguments and nonsensical fights.

PM Imran Khan has also said in regards to the Dutch contest that this competition is a result of the failure of Muslim states to stand against blasphemy. Our question to the PM then is, what is he doing to hold all those ‘Sunni’ Muslims accountable who taint the legacy of the Holy Prophet (SAW) on a day by inciting and practicing violence against Ahmadis in Pakistan?

While the Naya Pakistan is at it announcing new rules for the corporate world, there needs to be a clause introduced that ensures the safety of the minorities that reside within the country as well.


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