A celebrity arching into different directions has become common on a global scale. Whether it is their own fashion line or a formal clothing brand, makeup services or food, they all seem to be venturing into new realms of the media world. One such celebrity to join the team is our very own Mahira Khan. Khan has made a reasonably decent name for herself not just in Pakistan with films like Bin Roye, 7 Din Muhabbat In, but also gained fame in India. She worked opposite the Bollywood King, Shahrukh Khan and was lauded for her looks and performance.

Mahira recently announced the launch of her new project under the banner of Mashion.

Mahira has kept the fans on their toes by not revealing complete details of the brand. No one is sure if it is a clothing line even though the name appears so. Mahira herself has taken to the new platform to tell her fans that she intends to develop a platform for women through Mashion.

All we know so far is that Mashion is limited to women and will feature anything and everything that tends to inspire Khan and possibly other women too. So what exactly is Mashion?

Through videos on her page, Mahira has informed her fans of her motivation behind the project. She expressed her intention to reach out to websites, Instagram profiles, bloggers so that women can have access to them all through Mashion. A lot of the people have also asked Mahira if Mashion will follow the format of Pinterest, to which no coherent response has been acquired.

What we do know for now is that Mashion is a community restricted to women. Mahira expressed her wish to be the brains behind an avenue where women can come, have fun and explore regardless of their profession, age or background.

One thing Mahira has succeeded in is creating suspense. Where several are still inquiring that Mashion may have some fashion apparel given the videos posted, others are still quite confused.


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After Khan opened the platform for an all-day question and answer session, it was revealed to fans that Mahira intends to ensure that the platform is what every woman needs and wants.

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