The government of Imran Khan has been out and about introducing new laws that pretty much hinder the VIP movement of several officials. Unlike before they are not allowed to live up to various luxuries in the list of which another has recently been added. Influential people are no longer allowed to be given VIP protocol at the airports.
Even though these decisions do not come off as a surprise having been adopted by governments in the past, in Naya Pakistan, they are becoming enforceable.

The latter is much to everyone’s surprise.

The intention of this new implementation is solely to ensure comfort in the lives of those traveling normally. The Information Minister stated that this government intends to remove all notions of discrimination by introducing such laws. Influential people will now be required to stand in the queues and get their luggage clearance as per their turn and not per social standing.

These influential people include the likes of government officials, policymakers, officeholders, military personnel, and even journalists. It has also been stated that anyone caught breaching this rule will be violating a code of conduct and will be dealt with strictly.

To further ensure enforcement of this law, counters at the immigration office will also be kept under a watchful eye to guarantee no VIP is being given an extraordinary treatment. The government wants to send a clear message that the treatment givers and receivers will both be held accountable, therefore need to be careful. People caught will be suspended effective immediately and the officials will be charged as well thus jeopardizing their posts.

Furthermore, the FIA directed to airport officials to treat passengers courteously and avoid all notions of harassment to avoid punishment. Instead, they have been ordered to assist passengers arriving and departing the country to represent Pakistan to its best devices.

The only surprising element with these new policies is the determination with which they are been implemented. Despite barring the VIP culture, lounges were introduced at respective airports where individuals of a certain political standing were allowed. These lounges were significantly different in regards to atmosphere and services.

With Naya Pakistan, a Naya no-VIP intezaam seems to have been introduced that decidedly ensures that all influential people be treating like laymen.

However, there is no such lounge available at the new Islamabad airport established near Fatehjang where all passengers have to follow the normal procedure.


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