During this year’s Asian Games, Pakistan teams ended up securing three bronze medals in total – for the javelin throw, women’s karate, and Kabbadi categories. Social media was overflowing with praise particularly for Nargis, the 19-year old girl from Hazara, Quetta who won Pakistan its first ever medal for karate. However, she is far from the only one who has been making waves; in fact, Pakistan has a full-fledged karate community full of skilled enthusiasts who have been competing all over the world.

Here are 7 karate-related milestones that need recognition.

1) 5-Member Delegation Competes Against Teams From All Over Asia

Taking part in a competition that big amongst highly experienced athletes requires confidence and skill – two qualities that Pakistani karatekas apparently have in spades.

2) Pakistan’s Team Travels to Turkey for Special Training

We have some very talented individuals on hand, who, with the right training and experience can really shatter glass ceilings – in fact, they have already done so.

3) Female Contender Brings Home First Karate Medal 

This occasion is being cited as a truly admirable achievement on the part of the athlete as well as the coaches – not to mention a matter of immense national pride.

4) National Karate Champion Bags Gold For the Third Time

Kulsoom learned karate from her brother, who was later murdered in a target killing in Karachi. But she fought back so she could honor him – going on to become a karate champion.

5) Rising Champion Aims For the Olympics 

Purportedly, Saadi Abbas has asked for sponsorship from the government so he can go on to participate in the 2020 Olympics – our karatekas are certainly not afraid to think big!

6) Pakistan’s Very Own Karate Kids Show Their Mettle

It’s not just the young adults making a mark – these kids decided early on they wouldn’t be left behind. Most of them begin their training very, very young so they can start competing from the get-go.

7) Pakistani Contender Ranks Amongst Top 10 Karate Athletes Worldwide

The Karate-1 Premier League consists of a series of tournaments held in different cities all over the world; the objective is to bring together the best karate players every country has to offer – and our very own Saadi Abbas ended up making the League’s Top 10!

Pakistan is steadily progressing towards excellence in the world of international sports. Karate is just one example. What our athletes now need is more support from the government, increased funding, and the best training facilities and mentors possible. Let’s aim for more wins at the Olympics!


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