Lahore is the rich cultural hub of Pakistan for a very distinct reason. The variation and diversity of cuisine available in this vibrant city is something that keeps both tourists and locals excited for something new at all times.

Over the past few years, several new restaurants have been launched that excited the Lahori taste buds and turned more people into classic foodies.

If you want to add some new experiences to your list, here are 10 new Lahore restaurants you need to try:

1. Sumo

Sumo is a Japanese restaurant and is considered a revamped version of the original Japanese cuisine that was introduced in the 1990s. It is known as a fancy fine dining restaurant serving some of the best seafood including the Miso Salmon and Red Snapper. In the heart of DHA, this is the place where all seafood lovers must go if they want a once in a lifetime experience. If you want to celebrate a big promotion or wish to feel fancy with a loved one, Sumo offers the perfect ambiance.

2. Thanda Garam

Located in Y block DHA, Thanda Garam is a quaint little eatery that will satiate your hunger in an unlikely way. With a highly fulfilling menu and drinks that leave you wanting more, TG provides a very personalized experience in fine dining. The only drawback with this restaurant is that too many people make it far too noisy for you to converse with others, but the food definitely makes it worth the while.

3. Gaia Japanese Fusion

Gaia is a fine dining restaurant known to serve contemporary Japanese cuisine. The philosophy behind this contemporary eatery is through state of the art Japanese experience through maintenance of a memorable, fun, vibrant, and sophisticated environment. Gaia is known for its meticulous cooking to ensure the highest quality, aesthetic sense and flavor. Gaia’s is a modern and creative representation of the traditional Japanese cuisine.

4. Aqua Bistro

Aqua Bistro is located on M.M. Alam road and is a standard Asian Fusion and Korean BBQ bistro. Through a menu that is a combination of both traditional Korean and Japanese, the restaurant serves dishes that are appealing to the eye and the stomach. A lot of care goes into making each dish using ingredients allegedly brought in from the respective countries. That is what makes the food experience here so unique.

5. Rivoli

A chic little eatery located in Y block, Rivoli is a true treat. With limited seating the restaurant offers a special menu that includes traditional dumplings and basic Thai cuisines with a twist. Tastefully decorated and with a high aesthetic sense when it comes to plate setting, this is a must try if you’re looking for something not too heavy on the pocket but fine dining nonetheless.

6. Ramen House

Another cultural food hub is the Ramen House in Y block DHA. Serving both traditional Ramen dishes and customized ones to cater to the evolving food needs and niches in the city, this has instantly become a favorite. The dishes are served in brewing broth that is flavorful and pleasing to the palate. The colors appeal to the senses and so does the first bite. If you want anything close to a classic Ramen bowl, this is your place.

7. Café Beirut

Located in Gulberg Café Beirut is infamous for being an eatery that serves authentic Lebanese Cuisine. It is run by Lebanese Entrepreneurs who bring with them a lifelong experience in the culture and the cuisine. The ingredients are brought in from their place of origin; Lebanon to guarantee a taste that leaves your mouth watering every time.

8. Nisa Sultan

M.M Alam has always been at the heart of each foodie and each year it brings it’s A game introducing new cuisines to keep your taste buds excited. Recently added to the list is authentic Turkish cuisine served by Nisa Sultan. From doners to kebabs, this has everything. So if a Turkey trip is something you want to experience vicariously, this is the place to eat.

9. G.Y.M

Y block caters to people from all walks of life. This is why G.Y.M an acronym for Grab your meal has gotten quite popular for being incredibly delicious, self-designed and calorie controlled eatery. Serving unique breads with blends that are found nowhere else, this is your stop if you wish to spoil yourself but also watch your weight at the same time.

10. Khala’s Kitchen

Last but not the least is the oldest food hub in Lahore, Liberty. It introduces a homey new eatery by the name Khala’s kitchen. Serving quintessential comfort food to end your shopping spree, this is your stop if you wish to save some money without compromising on food.

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