Awami Workers Party – claiming to be a ‘party of workers, peasants, women, students and marginalized groups fighting for a democratic and socialist society’ – has recently launched an initiative to build a political school of sorts whose agenda will act as a modern alternative to Pakistan’s age-old curriculum. Focusing on a radicalized concept of ‘dismantling systems of oppression’, this school hopes to target the root of issues plaguing society so that, eventually, more effective solutions may be designed.

The Awami Workers Party does not agree with the way education has been organized and delivered in Pakistan so far; in fact, it is of the opinion there is a deep-seated fault within even the content of our education, going as far as to call it ‘propaganda’.

By ‘building an alternative for the 21st century’, the party means to help explore leading societal, structural, and idealistic systems in the world. This event has been organized so that skilled academic speakers and political workers may enlighten the public as to the kind of economic and social structures that are governing their lives – and how today’s youth can involve itself in the organization of these structures.

Looking at society from a combination of viewpoints, studying dominant concepts such as feminism, patriarchy, and capitalism, making use of interactive techniques to understand these concepts together: 

You can find out more about the event here.

Socialist Ammar Rashid will be one of the speakers at the school. A teacher, political worker, researcher, and musician, he is particularly interested in exploring Pakistan and its ‘political economy’. The school is certainly not lacking in diversity – it has promised a range of speakers uniquely qualified in their own rights who will be interacting freely with the attendees.

Awami Workers’ stress on a socialist ideology, characterized by equality:

The initiative sounds like a profitable one. Considering the inequalities, corruption, and overall discrepancies that plague our society, leading to widespread discontent, this political school could very well bring about a difference through in-depth discussion. However, there is a need to make sure implementation and active involvement by the public remain a prominent part of the upcoming agenda.




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