Noormah Jamal, an up an coming visual artist, recently debuted her work at the exhibition held at O Art Space in Lahore. The exhibition ‘Tarhun: The Beautiful The Bizarre’ was a two person show, showcasing the works of Noormah Jamal and Hoor Imad.

The Pollinators

ProperGaanda had the opportunity to speak to Jamal about her exhibition and upcoming projects.


Jamal’s work focuses on human complexity and the personal baggage that people carry. ‘I have always been drawn to what separates or defines an individual,’ states Jamal, ‘when I picture people or my subjects of art, I try not to generalize but to highlight what makes them different’.

What drives your work?

As my work has developed I have also developed a keen interest in human connection and how they morph over time. The strains and constraints that those relationships may have. How this leads to a lasting impact on a person.

They Call Us Seasoned Lovers

How does one piece correlate to the other?

By working on multiple pieces at the same time, I like to see how each develops with contrast to the other. How each in the end depicts a different emotion through visual gesture.


How is this body of work different from your previous ones?

This particular body of work is more personalized. As opposed to earlier works produced that centered around the models I used, this work is a visualization of my mind-set, at the time, being projected. Having moved my studio between 3 cities my work took a turn each time as my inspiration changed. Having certain materials present at the time also played a major role in the development of this work.

You can view more of Jamal’s work by clicking here


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