Hamza Ali Abbasi has once again struck a chord amongst his pseudo-liberal fan base by stating how the late Kulsoom Nawaz’s passing away shouldn’t be manipulated to ‘gain sympathy for Nawaz & Maryam or for trying to portray them as tragic heroes.’

Although he was astutely able to ‘tweeterizer’ the unsaid sentiments floating throughout the country and very eloquently addressed the elephant in the room concerning political vantage points. His blatant and crass statement still led to an uneven degree of anger born out of the recent political dilemmas the Sharif family seems to be facing. Seems like N clan is unable to get out of any political decision unscathed as rumors of Kulsoom’s death were circulating prior to the announcement of the election results. While it is claimed that her heartbeat was sustained through the use of a ventilator in her hospital room at London, there was still much speculation regarding how far the Sharif’s were willing to go to fully milk an election ploy.

Unsurprisingly Hamza has expressed his deepest condolences and sincerest apologies for being so callous with his comments and directing so much unnecessary shade towards the Nawaz clan.

After all, the stature of Kulsoom Nawaz was far more than that of a wife and mother. She was a dedicated social worker for those in need and was briefly became a member of parliament when her husband lost his seat upon disqualification. She authored the book ‘Jabar Aur Jamhooriyat’, which presented her take on Pakistan’s political affairs in the post-Bhutto era and how her husband was surely the most adept politician to deal with the influx of problems that had swept Pakistan after Zia’s passing away. She played an essential role in policy making like many politicians’ wives are used to doing. However what really set her apart was her ability to gain the recognition of the ordinary masses or voter base. A skill further adopted and perfected by her daughter who is keen on engaging the press. She carved herself out as a useful asset to her forever grateful husband and fulfilled her due role in this world, leaving her family to face the next.

However, loud opinions shunning Hamza Ali Abbasi should really question themselves regarding how off the kilter his thoughts really were. As harsh as reality may seem, it does not cease and desist from being real. PPP had suffered a similar assault of slurs upon the death of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, who to this day it seems as if her passing away had rightfully secured the seat for her party in that fateful election year. Nevertheless, conjecture aside I would like to suggest some strength of character and knack for resolve to Mr. Abbasi who caves too quickly under pressure.

Once a thing is said it cannot be unsaid and once a thing is posted it remains forever on the internet.


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