Muharram marks the beginning of the Islamic Calendar and is observed by Muslims across the globe. This particular month holds a lot of significance for Muslims and of all sects all over the world. Apart from the month of Ramadan, it is also considered the most sacred month in the Islamic Calendar.

Muharram is also called the month of Ashura. Ashura is the tenth day of the month that is considered the most important day in the entire 30 days. Despite being synonymous with Shia belief, the month holds importance for both Shias and Sunnis alike.

It is on the 10th day of the month that Hussain Ibn Ali, the son of Hazrat Fatima and the grandson of Holy Prophet (SAW) was martyred in 61 AH and 680 AD by Yazid. His martyrdom was the result of an extensive battle of Karbala.

The Battle of Karbala is globally acclaimed and referred to as the highest form of sacrifice made by the Muslim Ummah. Imam Hussain’s tolerance and the grace in his death is something that is epitomized by war lecturers and scholars around the globe. This year, Muharram began on September 13th, 2018. Since then Muslims around the globe have begun their processions to show respect towards the month.

Following are pictures of the month being honored by Muslims in various parts of the world.

Baghdad Source- Express Tribune
Bahrain Source- Express Tribune
Beirut Source- Express Tribune
India Source- Express Tribune
Iraq Source- Express Tribune
Iran Source- Express Tribune
Karbala Source- Express Tribune
Lahore Source- Express Tribune
Sanabis Source- Express Tribune
Islamabad Source- Express Tribune

“Death with Dignity is better than a life of humiliation.” Imam Hussain


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