Prime Minister Imran has vowed to give citizenship to thousands of Afghan refugees born in Pakistan. 

Khan believes that the inability of previous governments to grant refugees citizenship is what forced them to resort to petty criminality and becoming a part of the labor black market. This development comes as a contrasted change to the earlier exclusionary policy adopted by the nation where the public has often demanded that the refugees return home. The rhetoric is simple. Afghan refugees allegedly put pressure on the country’s resources, which means those who are the ‘rightful citizens’ suffer from their presence.

Khan’s premise is simple. “If you are born in America you get an American passport. It happens in all countries around the world so why not here?”, he asks.

Not surprisingly, Khan’s announcement has created a public ruckus of epic proportions. Here are some interesting reflections on the issue.

This astute observation:

A political move is it?

This rather difficult analysis to absorb.

Some food for thought below. 

Does Afghan refugees getting citizenship deter or enhance national unity?

Stability is, after all, a privilege! 

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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*Feature Image Source: Al Jazeera*



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