Captain Marvel’s first trailer was released yesterday and it raises as many questions as it answers, especially for fans who haven’t religiously followed the comics. The next big MCU movie coming out in 2019 on the 8th of March, which also happens to be International Women’s Day, varies from the comics so much so that the trailer leaves us guessing whether Carol Danvers is human or alien. 

Scroll down to find out as we answer the 4 biggest questions the movie raises.

Watch the Captain Marvel trailer right here if you haven’t already:

What Is Carol’s Origin Story?

“Higher, further, faster, more,” is Carol Danvers driving mantra as she seeks new horizons. In the comics, Carol leaves a troubled family setting and enlists in the Air Force. During her deployment, she encounters a man named Walter Lawson, who is actually the human cover for Kree soldier Mar-Vell. Following an explosion, Carol’s DNA is fused with that of Mar-Vell and she emerges as the superhero, Ms. Marvel. She claims the mantle of Captain Marvel years later, long after the passing of Mar-Vell.

Captain Marvel: Alien or Human?

Carol Danvers is indeed a human being; she had no super powers at birth and grew up on Earth. According to the comics, a freak accident causes her DNA to become a hybrid of human and Kree DNA after her body temporarily merges with that of Kree soldier Mar-Vell.

Although Carol Danvers doesn’t remember her origin in the trailer, she is technically human but now also part alien (probably the source of her powers).

What Are Captain Marvel’s Powers?

Carol is one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe. Not only is she a talented pilot and an experienced soldier, her strength is comparable to that of Hulk and she has the power of flight.

She also has the ability to absorb cosmic and other forms of energy and channel it back in the form of photonic blasts. Binary, an even more powerful version of Carol can generate her own energy supplies and a particular scene in the trailer indicates that we might get a glimpse of Binary in the upcoming movie.

Does Captain Marvel Have Amnesia?

According to the trailer, Carol doesn’t remember her life on Earth prior to the accident that gave her the superpowers. The same also wipes out her memory, after which she finds a home amongst the Kree. However, after her return to Earth as a ‘renegade soldier’ her memories of her time on Earth emerge. While Carol didn’t suffer from amnesia in the classic Ms. Marvel comics, she did originally have a case of split identity: she would black out periodically and transition from Carol Danvers to Ms. Marvel, retaining no memory of her superhero activities afterwards.

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