On a recently aired episode of Tonight with HSY, Sadaf Kanwal and Amna Ilyas veteran models known for their army of Instagram followers were in conversation from skin-whitening injections and cheekbone enhancement surgeries to the global #MeToo movement. Their solution of enhancing the shelf life of a model was likewise to attach oneself to social causes and mindful messaging- Sage advice indeed.

When HSY prompted them about the prevalence of a Lollywood casting couch, they both chimed in unison that they’d never been harassed, assaulted or been made to feel uncomfortable – We are of course grateful for their lack of plight. However, it certainly suggested how disconnected their thoughts were concerning the dilemma women often face globally today. On a follow up about their thoughts on MeToo and its unwavering appeal. The models were predictably diplomatic in their opinions and very much downplayed the resistance regarding what qualifies as sexual harassment.

Sadaf’s controversial statements topped the charts by insinuating how she clearly missed the point in #Metoo – about it not being a movement subject to time constraints and is definitively a term which can only apply with the past tense:

*Skip to 12.00 minutes*

“Metoo aap key saat tab ho, jab aap bol dou. Baad mein aap ko yaad aa raha hai Metoo. You know? So I think, jab ho tab bol dou! I don’t know… ”

“Agar mere saat Metoo kabhi hua, toh mein bolo gi na!  Aur mein social media pey nai bolo gi. Main aap saab ko batao gi!….

Following Sadaf’s statement, Amna Ilyas shared an anecdote about how Yasir Hussain would joking suggest that she was harassing him when she affectionately touched him at a party. While making light of the issue Amna continued, “Now it has become like something which is kind of a joke!” However Amna came out strong and was able to save face by concluding,

“But I think #Metoo is something very serious. Sadaf I don’t agree with you on this point kay baad main baat na karein, kafi zarooraat hoti hai himaat ki baat kerne key liye!” She said it wasn’t an issue exclusive to men and HSY nodded in agreement to her wise words.

This is a repeated offense when it comes to Sadaf Kanwal who had previously raised the ire of #Metoo supporters by referencing it as joke attached to a screenshot of Bilawal Bhutto. In an incident where Bhutto was generously welcomed by people at a shrine, one of the people kissed him on the cheek and he pushed him away! This very act was aired on TV and the internet made fun of it. Sadaf captioned it “#MeToo” with…. a laughing emoji. Her insensitive demeanor clearly reflects a lack of basic mannerism and inadvertently promotes casual sexism. Let’s just say some empathy, a bit of recognition of her own privilege, coupled with backhand knowledge of the movement could do wonders…


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