We as a population are no strangers to turning our keyboards into weapons. This is especially true when someone we admire or despise comes into question. This predicament exists to an extent that celebrities can now preemptively anticipate hate and venom before it is even spewed.

Like several other occasions, Sania Mirza; international tennis player, an Indian married to a Pakistani Cricketer, was prepared for the very first. On September 19th a match between Pakistan and Indian was scheduled to occur. Where most of the sports fans were overjoyed and excited for the endeavor, Mirza prepared for something a little less enthusiastic.

To save herself from trolls and Twitter patriots, the expectant mother announced that she would be going incognito 24 hours prior to the match to save herself from the negativity.

She took to Twitter to post the following:

Mirza who has often been at the receiving end of uncountable unwarranted comments about her nationality has had to deal with remarks that exceed all sense of public allowance. She is doubted as Indian for marrying a Pakistani, her loyalty towards her husband is put into question if she ever voices her love for India.

Her loyalty towards India immediately is caught in the crossfire when she engages with the Pakistani crowd. Her desire to disappear from social media does not come as much of a shock for those who possess even an iota of empathy.

Even on 14th August, Sania’s wishes for her Pakistani fans were immediately scrutinized. She was called out as disloyal for not celebrating independence with her husband.

Mirza says that the kind of comments she must read is enough to ruin a normal person’s day, let alone someone who is expecting a child. She left her trolls with a soft reminder to let the match be what it is – a game.

Not that we think this will have any impact for those who voluntarily spew filth her way. They can most likely be holding their peace until Sania announces her return. But to drive an international sportsperson off social media because of a match should really force us to stop and question what influence a single comment can have on someone’s life.

Is it really that gratifying to be so spiteful?


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