In a twist of events, which were somewhat speculatively expected, father-daughter duo Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz have been released from Adiala Jail. The Islamabad High Court suspended the years-long sentences a day ago – sentences that were awarded to Nawaz and Maryam merely months before the General Elections 2018. After just 66 days in jail, the Sharif’s are back in Lahore.

As per usual Twitterati could not deal. Here are a few thought-provoking responses from the very much divided public. 

Let’s just get the highly plausible theory out of the way first.

This is being reiterated all over social media. The jail sentences and the constant delay in hearing the Sharif’s appeal for bail is certainly something that raises concern over the sudden release of Maryam and Nawaz from jail. And by extension makes us consider the initial arrest as well.

Hmm, the conspiracy of possible external pressure? We won’t be surprised considering premier Imran Khan is making all sorts of U-turns nowadays under pressure.  

The original ruling by Judge Bashir is also under fire, which is being used to explain the ‘evitability’ of the release.

A pressing concern for sure. Imran Khan better watch out for the ‘donkey’s’ (seriously though, not cool Mr. Khan)

All we can say about this tweet below is: Damn! 

And finally, this power-packed tweet. Kuch ziadah food for though nahi hogya? (In all seriousness, it raises some serious points though)

Which tweet do you agree with most in this latest political debacle in Pakistan?



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