While we were all busy Netflix-ing, Amazon Prime’s streaming service got a mouthwatering new show titled The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which has nabbed the 2018 Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series and several others including Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for Alex Borstein, and Best Directing and Best Writing for Amy Sherman-Palladino. The show took home a total of seven awards, including two for creator Amy Sherman-Palladino who is the first woman in the history of the Emmy’s to win awards in one night for both writing and directing. Besides the acknowledgment at the Emmy’s this show is genuinely so funny and relevant for our day and age.

We almost can’t believe that it slipped right from underneath our noses. We hope you sincerely enjoy binge watch it because we know we did! And here are 10 reasons why! 

1. Marvelously Made 

Brought to you by the same director who is responsible for the highly anticipated reboot of the Gilmore Girls, Maisel takes the audiences on a journey of self-discovery with her. She is meant for so much more and never being allowed to dream beyond her means allows a viewer to truly observe whether they themselves are serving their true calling.

2. Marvelously Subversive

It does not whitewash over issues of race, gender and equality. It has a blend of orthodox Jewish traditionalism, which is always at risk of becoming overbearing like our homegrown brand of culture. It presents harsh truths in the shape of digestible satire.

3. Marvelously Fashionable

The fashion sense of the late 40’s and early 50’s catches our eye and make us want to experiment with colors and collars like never before. Not to mention the period drama décor in Maisel’s apartment or the beautifully coiffed hair!

4. Marvelously Comical

Mrs. Maisel discovers the night of her husband’s infidelity about her true calling to be a stand-up comedian. Her exploration of the world of stand-up and the constant back and forth banter between her parents and her is simultaneously humorous and true, promising more than a handful of laughs.

5. Marvelously Relatable

The ability of life taking a person by surprise in the show is oh so relatable. When basically overachievers and perfectionists like Midge who despite doing everything by the book lose at embodying their perfect life and but surprisingly end up doing happy doing things they never imagined doing professionally. Just makes one realize how it’s not just them who could be down in the dumps.

6. Marvelously Periodical

Upper west side of New York despite its similarities and historical landmark sites displays an olden day feel. There is an atmosphere of nostalgia and the lack of technological takeover really brings back a sense of how people were doing just fine without knowing where they were and who they were around all the time!

7. Marvelously Self Motivated

Midge feels like she’s arrived at her voice and she’s excited to grow it from there. ‘She’s finding her voice anew’. In fact, Rachel Brosnahan acknowledged the timeliness of this theme saying, “It’s something that’s happening all over the country right now with all the women coming out by naming their sexual harassers and it does not need to stop. The last Emmy’s were themed according to the Times Up Movement and that sense of activism should continue.

8. Marvelously Hopeful 

Midge’s attitude is that of a hopeful optimist and more than her, her manager Susie impresses us with her real, no shits were given attitude driving the story forward seamlessly. Even Midge’s husband or soon to be ex-husband whom we resent at first encounter but he soon begins to grow on us has to be hopeful about himself, his unfulfilling job and his responsibilities as a father. There is a silver lining and the characters are just waiting to discover it.

9. Marvelously Feminist

Midge and Susie’s friendship and the growth of their manager-client relationship is the love story explored throughout the show. Rumors are that they hit the road together in season two and develop genuine respect for each other. Midge and manager-turned-BFF Susie Myerson (Emmy-winner Alex Borstein) both won Emmys for their roles and we can’t wait to see what other wonder woman warm-ups are waiting for us in the upcoming season!

10. Marvelously Few Episodes

Amazon’s two-season deal with the production company consisted of a total of 18 episodes. There were eight in season one, leaving 10 for its sophomore season. Just eight episodes await your binge-watching capabilities. So do yourself a favor and jump on the triple M bandwagon before you are the only one left looking clueless at uni or work!



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