Although the Taseer family is famously known for their late father’s futile crusade against the blasphemy laws of the country. They have recently been in the limelight for far more insidious reasons. A civil judge has brought into notice Salmaan Taseer’s widow Amna and their children Shahbaz, Shehryar and Shehrbano for a suit filed by Shaan, Sanam, and Sara Taseer. The latter are children of the late governor of Lahore from an earlier marriage. They claim that they were being deprived of their legal inheritance unduly by their half-siblings and stepmother.

The family has surely and steadily fallen down a steep hill from the kidnapping of Shahbaz to their names being forecast in the Paradise Papers scandal. Salman Taseer memory is being tarnished due to this constant unfolding of events. He was far-sighted enough to set up successful businesses like the Daily Times and Pace Shopping Centers besides other businesses which could have fed his progeny for several years to come. However, both sets of descendants are obsessed with depriving each other of living amongst Pakistan’s elite and too afraid to start afresh. Three lawful heirs from Yasmeen Sehgal three from his widow Amna Taseer are eager to cash in on their father’s wealth.

Sara Taseer and her step-brother Shehryar Taseer have come in the forefront of this Mortal Kombat for the family assets and do not seem to really care if their dirty laundry is being aired in public!

Sara has been accusing Shehryar of transferring her stakes in her father’s media company to himself. Utilizing all illegitimate means that he could possibly come up with. She also accuses him of forging her signatures in the documents submitted by him with her stepmother complicit in his crimes. Sara has demanded that PEMRA look into the matter and take all necessary steps to give justice to her, last but not least Twitter has been generously utilized as a means of flaunting these shenanigans.


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