Anita Jalil Baloch is Gwadar’s first female vlogger who has made quite the impression on the Pakistani audience. Anita is the daughter of a government official; her father is a pilot in PIA. Her mother who passed away 3 years ago.

Anita’s education is from Aga Khan School in the city where she stayed until middle school after which she moved to Karachi to complete her schooling. She finished her college back in Gwadar and later went to Quetta for higher studies.

Anita later moved to Dubai to work there as a teacher and a receptionist. Despite wanting to settle there on a permanent basis, she was forced to return to Gwadar to look after her mother as her health worsened. After deciding to stay in Gwadar to look after her family, she expressed her desire to become a theater artist but was met with hindrances from her father.

It wasn’t until her acquaintance with a fellow Gwadar vlogger Chiragh Baloch was formed that she realized her dreams would not be lost in vain after all.

CPEC has attracted several tourists and the media to Gwadar as a prominent port in Pakistan. Several people have drawn stark comparisons between Gwadar and some of the developed cities of the world like Shanghai. Despite this positivity surrounding the city, Anita expressed her disbelief in the possibility of things changing. She wants her vlog to show people the reality of Gwadar as it is without the fancies and whims that surround it.

Because her vlog voiced an opinion that went against the popular approach, Anita recalls not receiving a very positive response from the audience or her family.

She claimed that the response was enough for her to think about quitting the whole thing altogether. Anita recollects how the possibility of dropping the entire project was also discussed between her and her father.

In her vlogs, she celebrates her father’s birthday, talks about Eid celebrations, explores her fear of flying, her Ramadan celebrations, and the likes while cracking jokes along the way. She shoots her videos in a fun and personal manner that leaves the viewer refreshed. She recalls her own experiences and shows Pakistan in its true form leaving it up to her audience to decide how they feel.

She jokes about the society she lives in and how the conservative nature impacts the decisions of many. Anita is already defying a lot of the limitations often set for a Balochi girl in the Pakistani society. She confidently and jubilantly triumphs the societal limitations in her vlogs.

It her uncanny wit and candor that has now gained her 180,000 subscribers in less than half a year. Her views have gone up to more than 200k and the support is unfathomable.

Through the modified approach to her dream of becoming a theater artist, Anita has become a strong source of inspiration for the girls in Gwadar and Pakistan as a whole as well.

She believes that if she continues doing what she’s doing, she can open the door for other girls to be confident and aspire towards accomplishing their dreams as well.


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