Lauded in Literature and Popular Media in equal measure, Qandeel Baloch has been reduced to an effigy or an idea of her original self.

Saba Qamar’s depiction of the late social media seductress in her critically acclaimed tv. drama ‘Baaghi’ whitewashed several pertinent aspects that culminated towards the murder of an innocent being. ‘Several aspects’ that shall be censored within this article because one is generally prone to feeling afraid of being killed and captured in the land of the ‘pure’. Albeit I do admit that despite the name of the organization, conservative crusades really need to up their IQ from a third-grade level reading level to be able to locate the plethora of propaganda addressing them!

Despite pledge time and time again not to forgive the murderer of his beloved daughter, Sahib Azeem Mahra Batool succumbed to dubious pressure and submitted an affidavit in court freeing his son of the charges against him. According to details, Qandeel Baloch’s murder case officially closed when her father Azeem Mahra forgave his son Waseem, who was the prime accused in her murder probe. The media star Qandeel Baloch was murdered the night of July 16, 2016, and an FIR of the murder was registered in Muzaffargarh police station. Today’s proceeding showcased Waseem submitting a bail plea, which additional judge Sardar Iqbal Dogar rightfully rejected.

The father of murdered social media star Qandeel Baloch has vowed that he would never forgive an ungrateful son who killed the breadwinner and sole earner in the family, his beautiful daughter who was dutiful and concerned for him in his old age. He disowned Waseem who killed his daughter on the pretext of “honor” and referred to Qandeel as his ‘best friend’ and ‘true son’.

“There is no pardon from our side,” Mohammad Azeem told media calling for his son and the three men accused with him to be punished “at the earliest” and saying, “they should get life imprisonment or death — I will feel happy.” Qandeel Baloch, judged by many, applauded by others for her boldness and daring was just about to launch herself in the mainstream Film Industry when the horrific incident happened.

In a country as conservative as Pakistan, she was and continues to be infamous for her cultural background and her self-portrayal on Facebook. Not abiding by local standards vulgar selfies and videos reignited calls for action prompting her brother to take her life, at least according to what he claims. Qandeel gave him his monthly allowance from her earnings and he got a better deal from ‘Godly men’, ‘touchy men’ ‘shrouded in the disguise of hotel room dens’…

“I am not embarrassed at all over what I did,” he told media with a deadpan expression, very confidently not naming the people who prodded him. Because the system has a diligent history of bringing the country’s conservative criminals to justice, the brother took his chances waited his term out in jail, served a short sentence and now is ready to scramble. He called his sister’s behavior “intolerable” and “disgusting” suggesting like most deeply concerned brother’s how it was so hard for him to cope with men lusting over his sibling who should’ve resorted to more discretionary means of earning a living.

Baloch’s parents

His mother, however, had thought that they his parents would be the only complainants in the murder case.

Under previous legislation, if his family (parents) had forgiven him he would’ve been able to escape punishment. Waseem the wounded thought that he would’ve been imprisoned for just “two to three months” and then he would’ve been free. He had his bases covered besides Qandeel was no high profile public figure with familial connections, this would’ve been a piece of cake. Waseem’s calculated risk paid off, he’s a free man and perhaps a rich one too. He was not aware that this would become a high-profile case but he is proud of his new found fame and now can graciously hold his head up high and walk proud and confident of no man lusting after his sister.

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