“It was the laughing, she said, that she couldn’t forget.”

Christine Blasey Ford in her testimony to the United States Senate gave her statements concerning the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. She stated these words in a guarded yet confident tone. She is also quoted to have said that during the incident she was afraid that he would accidentally kill her. The incident in question has been lauded on both sides of the political aisle as credible and moving said the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 27. According to Christine, the amusement of her tormentors was the most lasting memory of the sexual attack that she alleges was committed in 1982.

“They were laughing with each other,” she said through tears, “two friends having a really good time with one another.”

However, Mr. Kavanaugh, on the other hand, is said to have been furious at the fact that his accuser was allowed to give a statement against him in the Senate. He deduced that this accusation of sexual assault is a conspiracy planted by the Democrats and the Clintons to thwart Trump’s Republican government. Dr. Blassey Ford coming out against Kavanaugh to some might be a very well-timed with respect to his nomination for the Supreme Court. As rape culture goes, the narrative to some may feel direly dubious that a woman is inspired to action only when the Supreme Court is in question and not the federal courts to which Kavanaugh has been previously associated with. Besides a woman has to either be incredibly brave or stupid to put her life at risk of harassment in a country so politically entrenched in the quagmire of dirty politics, that death and rape threats would be a part and parcel of her daily life. Right? Or that’s how people currently think at least.

“I am here today not because I want to be, I am terrified. I am here because I believe that it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me…”. To all those sceptics out there her complete transparency in this cautious yet brave statement sums it all up.

Despite the inconsistencies unavoidable in a situation that is said to have happened, including two more looming allegations and the supposed presidency of a high school club named ‘tits and clits’, Kavanaugh resorted to his elite background as sufficient proof of good character. “I was at the top of my class academically.” “Captain of the varsity basketball team,” he continued.“Got in Yale College. When I got into Yale College, got into Yale Law School.” He also stated an overly eager inclination towards beer, the all American go to drink for several generations!

All regular American men drink beer. We’re practically baptized in it.

The hearing stopped being about Blasey Ford’s experience or even Kavanaugh’s fitness for the job, and instead became a stage for broader and bitter male resentment — furious over the seemingly new expectation of accountability. Brett obviously did not prefer the follow-up FBI which is currently in the loop. He was unable to realize that Neil Gorsich, Trump’s previous nominee had also been through a strenuous vetting experience. It’s admirable really how desperate one can feel in a moment of being tested. Kavanaugh succumbed to his last resort of crying pretty quickly- male tears hold a particularly persuasive power in our society, in part due to the extreme cultural prohibition on these displays of masculine vulnerability. A woman’s tears are remarkably common and also disconcertingly she is looked down upon as unnecessarily emotional if she cries, but a man who cries in public is breaking a major taboo. Therefore, he becomes a hero of sorts instead of a deplorable unrepentant criminal. It’s still interesting to see how the men are generous enough to us women in the world for our grievances to be heard. They will even pretend long enough to take them into consideration but the decision is already set in stone decreed in their favor


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