Last night on the 3rd of October, Lahoris had the chance to witness Pakistan’s biggest portal gaming launch event ever.

Mountain Dew, a brand that is well known for introducing new experiences for the adventure driven, has announced the launch of its first ever gaming platform in collaboration with the internationally leading gaming giant, ESL (Electronic Sports League) an e-sports organizer that produces and hosts worldwide video gaming competitions.

According to Venture Beat, the global gaming industry is worth 137.9 billion dollars. It is time to tap into this niche industry and explore it as a serious career option for budding and experienced gamers in Pakistan. Mountain Dew Gamers Arena is introducing two popular games: Dota 2 and Counter Strike Go- both of which are chock full of action, adventure, battles and developing strategies against rival opponents.

If shooting and battlegrounds are your forte, we suggest you register straight away for the competition for Counter Strike Go.

KSG, GhostKhan, HSB, Pokemon

During the immersive event organised by JBnJaws that fit right into the gaming world, Team Portal’s youngest game players embraced the audience with their presence on-stage. They talked about how they represented Pakistan globally and won big at competitions in China, Europe and Singapore, serving some serious inspiration for aspiring gamers.

The Marketing Director of PepsiCo, Salman Butt, also took to the stage and discussed the future of gaming in Pakistan and the opportunity it would provide individuals on an international level.

Mountain Dew’s gaming championship is offering a whopping Rs. 1 Million as prize money. Top gamers from Pakistan will compete against each other in CS:GO and Dota 2 for the title of best gaming team in the country. For the next three months the competition will continue to make headlines and keep gamers all over Pakistan enthralled.

Game on!

Dew even roped in the famous Indian Bollywood Celebrity – Hrithik Roshan – for their TVC.  Many of our own decorated celebrities are also onboard the gaming tourney. Mira Sethi, Imran Abbas, Ahsan Khan, Mikael Zulfiqar, Alyzey Gondal, Iman Ali, Cybil Chowdhry, Feroze Khan, Haroon Shahid (to name just a few) were called on stage to showcase the trophy that would be awarded to the winners at the end of the competition.  

Following dinner, Call The Band (Zulfiqar Jabbar and Junaid Khan) took to the stage, keeping the gamers and spectators on their toes and moving to the beat. They got the session going with a drum anthem and by revisiting their beloved classics.

For the Pakistani youth, gaming has mostly been considered as a hobby with small scale competitions being held at school and university levels. But now that is going to change with Mountain Dew’s ‘Dew Gamers Arena’. Local gamers now have a platform to hone in their skills and take on challenges on an international level. Let the games begin!

Registrations for the competition are now open. For more details, visit the official page of Mountain Dew and get yourself registered for ‘Are You Game Enough?’!




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