We all had phones through the ages that taught us something new or they brought us some new feature. These phones were an essential feature of negotiating with our parents on result day to get us the most updated tech product out there.

In the modern age of monotonous smartphones, here’s a short list of the phones from the 2000’s that set our teenage world alight.

1) Nokia 3310/3390

Released in 2000 it made a huge impact because of the new 400+ character limit on texts. It would still take ages to write one but it was a huge improvement. Not to mention it is considered the most solid phone ever made and it really was. And let’s be honest, no modern smartphone game has anything on the classic snake game on this phone!

2) Motorola Razr

100% the coolest phone ever made! This wasn’t just a phone it was a fashion statement. It had this futuristic feel to it that is evergreen. Even looking at it today it has the class and elegance it always did. The satisfactory flip of the phone made this one of the greatest phones of the 2000’s.

3) BlackBerry Pearl

The first of the many Blackberry’s that set the world on fire. From corporate offices to individual consumers, everyone fell in love with the beautiful interface and the absolutely classy look of this company. And BBM. Enough said.

4) Nokia N90

This is when photos in phones started getting really popular. Nokia was leading the pack with their phones and cameras. It didn’t matter that the initial camera phones had grainy results. This phone with its twists and turns gave us the edge in taking pictures on all those school trips during grade school.

5) iPhone

Since 2007, the iPhone has been ruling the market. This was the one phone that killed all previous phones and similar ones in this list. This was the very first release of the Apple lineup. The smartphone market was birthed on this day and it had caused a huge shock to the world because since then, phones and designs have followed the innovation of Mr. Jobs’ design.

P.S: New iPhone’s come out soon, make sure you check it out!


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