October 12th 2018 marks Amitabh Bachchan 76th birthday.

Since facing backlash for refraining from making comments on the whole Tanushree Datta and Nana Patekar debacle, the veteran actor has finally addressed the matter. In an interview, he spoke to his fans about various personal questions to celebrate his birthday. During this conversation, he addressed the very controversial #MeToo movement that has recently imploded in the Bollywood industry.

Subhash K Jha. asked him the following question: “Amitji, we are going through some of the toughest times this nation has ever seen. How do you view the atrocities against women children and weaker sections? Do you feel there is a solution to the social inequality that fosters widespread injustice? Sexual harassment at workplaces especially in the entertainment business is one of the vital issues being addressed today. How do you look at the problem of women’s safety at workplaces?”

To which the veteran actor replied by saying:

“No woman should ever be subjected to any kind of misbehaviour, or disorderly conduct; especially at her workplace. Such acts should immediately be brought to the notice of concerned authorities, and corrective measures be taken, either through filing complaints or a recourse to law. Discipline and civic, social and moral curriculums, should be adopted at a very early educational level. Women, children and the weaker sections of our society are the most vulnerable. They need to be under special protective care. It has been most heartening to see women representations in most work vocations, on the increase in our country. It would be an unrepairable blemish if we are not able to provide them with the welcome they deserve and the dignity of the security of their presence.”

Just playing an advocate for victims of sexual harassment in a movie isn’t enough.

Though he speaks of the protection that needs to be provided to both women and children in the field, he did not make a comment on the harassment cases that have recently been on the rise in his industry. Like before, Bachchan steered clear from giving his two cents on the Datta-Patekar case and also did not refer to harassment directly.

Though his comment is commendable, especially since he appreciates the increase in female workforce, it is important for veteran actors like him to understand the importance of their words. A remark or comment from them can mean a great deal for all those men and women still struggling to come forward with their narratives. Silencing or staying silent over the matter only proves that despite these things constantly occurring in the background, even the most cultured and renowned people are not ready to advocate them. That in itself is a crime against all those women being harassed on the daily.

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