The Lahore based band and winners of Pepsi Battle of The Bands Season 3, Bayaan, is set to surprise its fans once again with their new Single called “Khel Tamasha”. The single is set to come out on 13th October.


Bayaan has already released the artwork for the single. It features the portraits of the band members as the backdrop with a dimly lit reflection in a mirror. The artwork gives a bleak, dark feeling, which we expect is the mood of the song. A 25 seconds promo was also posted on the band’s social media which gave a dark bluesy rock feel. As far as the lyrics go, we can expect the strong command and graceful use of Urdu, something that has become somewhat of a signature for Bayaan’s songs. This dark mood and wonderful lyrical skill is apparent in the one couplet the band has dropped for its fans:

Kiun bewajah yeh sehl dilaasa
Hona agar hai khel tamasha
(Why this meaningless comforting
If all that awaits is games and mockery)

With performances like Raaz e fitna, Farda and Nahi Milta, there is a lot to be expected from Bayaan and hence a lot to look forward to and be excited about!


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