Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has been operating on a comprehensive 100-day plan, which they introduced in May 2018, well before the General Elections.

Since being sworn in on August 18, Imran Khan has had to face a myriad of challenges, some which have had to do with the promises of the 100-day plan. Critics have been keeping a keen eye on the PTI to scrutinize whether the new government will stick to their tall claims and deliver. And while it is safe to say that Imran Khan’s term so far hasn’t been the smoothest, it would also be wrong to ignore the progress made.

Here is the progress that PTI has claimed and has to its credit in the first 45 days of Naya Pakistan. 

Waste Management is very much needed in tandem with tree plantation. A massive change in the personal mindset of the people must follow as well.
Health card expansion is a great initiative but must go hand in hand with better medical facilities nationwide.
Anyone with more information on this, please come forward.
Hoping this helps take people off the street and give them a comfortable and dignified living
Brilliant initiative. It is praiseworthy how the environment is a key concern in Naya Pakistan.
Definitely needed. Especially if Pakistan has to make notable contributions amongst the world scholars.
Oh boy, this will take time.
We all know how this ended. But no worries, it’s time to realize we have to educate our people along with opening such avenues of excursion for them.
Although this has been a contentious one, it is agreeable that Khan Sahab’s heart is in the right place. Hopefully his advisors and personnel will follow suit.
Not sure about this one. Has anyone used this, yet?
Here is hoping that the workers in these factories are also provided with stable job security.
This project is one the entire nation must take part in and not just PTI.
Great! Let’s also root out corruption and misdemeanour from the corporation while we are at it.
This is a tough one, and the progress of this will be closely monitored for sure.
Here is hoping that along with the train routes, more people are able to afford comfortable travels as well.
Definitely appreciated, since the land mafia is one of the major hindrances to safety and land security in Pakistan.

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