The streaming giant Netflix recently added Dice Media’s ‘Little Things’ to their vast directory of online content. The mini TV series originally launched in 2016 and it’s first episode alone has 10 million views on Youtube and the series has an overall rating of 8.4 on IMDB. Dice Media is also behind the web series ‘Adulting’ and ‘What The Folks’.

Little Things is about a 20s something couple living in the heart of Mumbai, India, who are discovering that relationships are much more than just fun and joy. From experiencing a healthy amount of FOMO to problems at work, Little Things is relatable, funny and a feel-good, binge-worthy show. Dhruv Sehgal plays the male lead, ‘Dhruv’, a Delhi boy who is a data analyst at a startup. Sehgal has also created and written the show. Mithali Parkar plays ‘Kavya’, an artist who falls in love with her corporate job and serves as the voice of reason when Dhruv spirals after not getting his beloved mutton cutlet curry.

The first season revolves more or less around the honeymoon phase of Dhruv and Kavya’s relationship, with season two focusing more on the hardships one encounters when a relationship matures. The show coins interesting terms such as the ‘biryani monster’ and ‘good nuts’ – the explanation of the latter is still pending.

Watch the trailer of Little Things below:

Reasons why you should watch Little Things:

1. It candidly talks about issues we all experience in our 20s in a lighthearted manner, highlighting the little positive things that we often overlook.

2. The episodes are short and to the point with no unnecessary drama. The first season has 5 episodes, 13 minutes each. The second season has a total of 8 episodes, ranging between 23 – 26 minutes.

3. Season 2, episode 7 – Baalti Aur Magga. Sehgal and Parkar’s acting in the episode prior to the season finale is brilliant and worth watching. The episode beautifully captures the heightened emotions a couple goes through during a fight.

It’s not all good though. At times, season 1 of Little Things seems disjointed and disconnected. While the episodes themselves are well scripted, it’s difficult to get invested in the storyline. The production quality of the second season is also a big step up from season one.

Whether you love or hate Little Things, this is a solid win for smaller production houses in India, since, before this, only mainstream Bollywood movies and high budgeted shows like Sacred Games have made it to Netflix from our neighbouring country.

The only question we have to ask is: when is a web-series from Pakistan going to be added to Netflix’s portfolio?


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