In Sunday’s by-elections, PMLN surprisingly won from Lahore, taking over the coveted constituency of NA131. We asked ProperGaanda followers what they thought about it and here are our favourite responses for you to enjoy.

A certain Mr. Umar was really angry and hated upon poor Lahori people:

Lahoris deserve everything they have been through…. illiteracy at its peak”

Quite ironically though, Lahore has one of the highest literacy rates, so……….. weird?

Clearly, this is a question we must ask our followers.

But there were some die-hard PTI fans who succeeded in finding a silver lining even in this defeat;

“This only shows how PTI doesn’t influence the elections like other parties”

Umm, sure, if that’s what helps you sleep at night. Can PTI supporters ever just accept defeat with grace and without conspiracy claims?

And, there were some deeply personal attacks on Lahore’s culinary delicacies, which we couldn’t take

“Lahori waqai khota khatein hein”

Don’t be a khota hater man! Don’t you know it is our national animal now?

Most interestingly, one reply reminded us of the Chaudhry brothers and we too drifted away mid-sentence about lord knows what:

“Mitti Pao jee!”

See what we mean?

Lastly, some people expressed emotions beyond words. These are things we can’t recreate in words, but can surely show you:

See, emotions beyond words. (What does that even mean!?)

Adding to this mix of these responses were profanities as well, which certainly had us confused as to what the message was. Talk about constructive criticism eh?

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