Pinky Memsaab – A Dubai Story

Pinky Memsaab – A Dubai Story

October 16, 2018 841

Ever so often you come across a movie trailer and it makes you wonder how relatable yet absolutely uncommon a topic it hits upon. 

Pinky Memsaab, starring Hajra Yamin and Kiran Malik in the lead is one such movie, the trailer of which has been released just yesterday. It is a collaborative production by VOX Cinemas, Eveready Pictures, Shaz Media Production, and Shoot at Sight productions. The film has been directed by Shazia Ali Malik.

The trailer follows the story of a woman who has to go to Dubai to work as a maid in order to help her family financially. She is introduced to this whole other world of a Pakistani elite residing in the Emirates and her world collides with that of her memsaab’s who seems to have troubles of her own. The story shows Pinky seemingly going through the separation blues and the culture shock quintessential of moving abroad.

According to the trailer’s own description of the film:

“Pinky”, a wide-eyed girl fresh off the boat in Dubai, and her unconventional kinship with a beautiful socialite, “Mehr”. Alongside a quartet of complex and colourful characters, they both fight against preconceived notions and unspoken class barriers to discover who they truly are.

This is a narrative that is somewhat similar for some women working in abroad as domestic help. The flow of labour because it is so cheap, is a very cyclical process as it disallows the lower classes to break out of a perpetual state of poverty. Granted the trailer does add humour to the situation and for the sake of cinematic and commercial appeal will have to dramatize and glamorize the look of it all, but it still is an interesting topic to touch upon.

Maybe the entertainment wrapped message is exactly what the audience needs to finally think about the impact of such labour flows for people in Pakistan.

Check out the trailer below! 

The film is releasing on December 7. Tag someone you would love to go see the film with, below! 

Saniya Rashid
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