Taimur Salaahuddin aka Mooroo aka The Prince of Social Media aka Potty Boy ko sab bohat pyaar kartey hain. And the ONLY way you don’t know who he is, is if you’ve been living under a rock! This young entertainer has been trending on social media and wowing the entertainment industry since his unique comedy sketches and gripping music videos have gone viral and we WISH we were like him! Heres why:

1. Har Funn Maula

Mooroo is not a conventional entertainer. He’s recognized as an actor, musician, comedian, filmmaker, writer, vlogger AND is the managing director of ‘Aflatoon Studios’. Matlab kay bhai easy ho jao hamaray liyay bhi koi kaam chor do.

2. Mooroo Bhai Ki Mehnat

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Khwaab daikhnai sai nahein badalti haqeeqat

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Mooroo was born and raised in a family that wasn’t very well off and surely didn’t include a line of artists. Therefore, he worked extremely hard to be as successful as he is today and says that un ki success ka raaz is only mehnat. There you have it folks, get off your lazy asses and start working for what you really want!

3. Saiyeen Tou Saiyeen, Saiyeen Ka Cook Bhi Saiyeen

“Saab ji ae propergaanda dey logaan nay tuaday tey bara acha article likha si” If you didn’t read this in Amanullah’s voice then LEAVE, EXIT, GO TO ANOTHER WORLD, LIVE WITH THE ALIENS because you are a DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Amanullah is one of Mooroos most widely appreciated characters and appears almost everywhere, whether it’s in a vlog at home or even at PFDC! He has won the hearts of thousands!

4. Aik Nahi, Dou Nahi, Balkay Hazaron Mooroo Bhai Hain

Mooroo is known to do not just double but also triple roles per video! If you think you think Amanullah is all Mooroo has to offer in terms of acting then wait till you see the rest:


This truly proves that Mooroo has a natural flair for acting and is talented af.  Mooroo say behtar koi nahi!

5. Potty Tou Sab Kartay Hain #ManOfThePeople

If you don’t know the amusing story of Mooroo as “Potty Boy” then head over to his Instagram and watch his highlights! He openly talks about how in school on a field trip up North, he shat his pants and got caught by his fellow classmates who made his life miserable for the next year.

Don’t pretend like you guys haven’t done the same at some point in your life! At least Mooroo openly talks about it without feeling ashamed or embarrassed!! BE LIKE MOOROO!

6. Indians Ka Bhi Dil Jeet Liya

We did some research and found out that Mooroo has been winning hearts across the border too! A variety of YouTubers have created reaction videos to his content and THEY LOVE IT! Thank Mooroo for making our country proud and spreading love between the two countries, which often gets clouded by the venomous politics of our governments!

7. Inay Travel Karnay Kay Liyay Sponsors Barray Miltay Hain

We all know Mooroo has got a bad case of wanderlust but thankfully, he puts it to good use! He has created a variety of travel vlogs (with crazyyyyyyy editing may I add) where he traveled up North with a number of other YouTubers and explored the mountainous regions of our country. His aim is to shed a positive light on the true image of Pakistan and eradicate the negativity alongside the Western medias false depiction of our country. #MoorooForPresident

8. Not Really The #BachiChecker

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Im engaged to the woman I love. ????❤️

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Cameray pay tou Mooroo bhai bari bachiyan check kartey hain but andar say voh pooray kay pooray aashiq hain. Recently, he got married to a woman whom he fell in love with over Youtube. Chalo shukar hai kay innka fankaar bhi kisi kaam aaya!

9. Cameray Pay Awaam Ko Zaalim Chummiyaan Detay Hain

Jinn doston ko pyaar kam hee milta hai voh Mooroo bhai kay vlogs dekhain because at the end of almost every video he’ll give you a shadeed thookoon waali pappii which you don’t want to miss!!! It is legendary.



Feature Image Source: OCEA/Mooroo’s Facebook Page 


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