Even though everybody’s favourite show ‘Game of Thrones’ isn’t currently airing, there is no denying that winter is coming. The past summer was insufferable, and even though the cooler months may be accompanied by smog, we’re still glad the weather is changing. Winters in Lahore are truly enjoyable; fog settles over the city, lulling it to sleep and making everybody want to stay in bed just a little bit longer in the mornings.

While the idea of breakfast in bed is enticing, there are certain logistical barriers that can come up. But that is where you can turn to the homegrown chain of fast food: Simply Sufi XPRS. This endeavour has been launched by the longstanding company, Sufi Group of Companies. It has already established outlets in Emporium Mall and Packages Mall Lahore, Model Town Lahore and M2 (Bhera Northside);  where it is serving solid competition to international chains that have till late dominated the Pakistani fast food scene. The chain is growing fast due to how well it has been received and is launching new branches in and out of Lahore soon (watch out DHA, Lahore and Giga Mall, Islamabad).

Coming back to the matter at hand: chilly mornings and even colder kitchens. The pleasure of firing up the stove in the morning to make a cup of tea and warming your hands on the stove is widely known. But may we suggest an even more sublime pleasure: a fluffy muffin with jam accompanied by a side of crisp hash browns. And lets not forget the steaming cup of coffee that seems like it just came off the stove.

What’s more is that you won’t be breaking the bank. While the serving is hefty, the prices are economical, ranging from PKR 150 to PKR 335. Simply Sufi XPRS is also signed up with major food delivery services including Food Panda and Cheetay.pk. You can also place orders online by clicking here.

Team PG ordered Simply Sufi XPRS for lunch this past Friday while going live on Instagram from our office space at Plan9 and had a candid discussion about the changing entrepreneurial scene of Pakistan while munching on goodies from Simply Sufi XPRS. Our verdict: the food leans on the spicy side, which our desi tastebuds have no problem with. While we ordered for five people, the quantity was more than enough for seven – our pals from the startup Traverous also joined us for the conversation. One thing we would love: if Sufi added just a little more crisp factor to their fried chicken, it would make it even more scrumptious.

So the next time you’re feeling too lazy to get out of bed to make yourself breakfast, you know Simply Sufi XPRS has got your back.


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