The Portal gaming centre in Lahore was packed with gamers this past weekend as they battled each other to be the CS:GO finalist. The ambiance, lit only by the brightly flashing PC’s and Mountain Dew’s signature neon glow set the perfect stage for the event. While the gaming scene in Pakistan is evolving and gamers are slowly but surely realizing the potential of honing their skills in this industry, one team, Portal Esports, stood out from the rest winning Mountain Dew’s first Lahore qualifier for CS:GO! The Portal Esports players were tuned and in-sync with each other, showing how important communication is in the gaming world. A tip that all future competitors should keep in mind.

Mountain Dew Gamers Arena Has Its First CS:GO Finalist!

Mountain Dew is providing gamers and fans both with a much needed platform by hosting the biggest gaming competition in Pakistan. Earlier this month, on the 3rd of October, Mountain Dew hosted a massive event to launch the competition that is awarding Rs. 1 Million to the winner. Having a big name like Mountain Dew backing and supporting gamers is a win for gamers in Pakistan, proving that gaming is more than a hobby.

This is what the winner gets to take home:

Click here to read more about the launch event.

The DGA gamers had an exciting weekend and have much to look forward to as the next Lahore DGA qualifier will be for DOTA (register now). 31 teams competed against each other in an intense competition, following which team Portal Esports emerged victorious; we can only imagine how adrenaline pumped they must have been!

Zaki Nasir (a.k.a. Killnt) said, “this platform could change the face of gaming in Pakistan” referring to Mountain Dew’s initiative to unite all gamers from Pakistan.


Portal Esports will now be competing against in the grand finale with the winners of qualifiers from Karachi, Islamabad and rest of Pakistan. 


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