A recent criminal case has been discovered in the international cricket industry. Reportedly more than 24 matches have been fixed on an international scale. According to recent findings, it was disclosed that players from England were involved in fixing 7 matches, players from Australia in 5 and Pakistan in 3. Apart from these 3 main participants, players from other countries were also said to be involved.

It was also reported that the fixes had been delivered, as promised.

Though these fixes do not determine the end result of a match, they do determine some changes. It was later informed that an Indian bookmaker has been affiliated with these crimes and was unaware of his identity being compromised.

The matches said to be fixed took place in England, Cape Town and the UAE. The fixes were conducted when certain batsmen decided to not perform up to the mark. It was claimed that some of the finest cricketers from the international teams were on the field when these fixes happened. It was later reported that in 15 matches the fixes were made a total of 26 times.

The Indian bookmaker, Munawar claimed that he was involved in orchestrating these fixes since 2010. Since then the matches included 6 test matches, the T20 World Cup Games and 6 International One Day Cricket Matches. Much to everyone’s surprise, it was later learnt that ICC was also aware of Munawar and his activities.

Out of the 26 predictions, it was evident that 25 of Munawar’s predictions were correct.

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