Shamoon Ismail and Bilal Khan seem to have taken social media platforms by storm! The two singers/songwriters have embroiled themselves in a controversy and people cannot stop talking about it.

How It All Began

Shamoon Ismail accused the singer of hit song ‘Bachana’ of allegedly plagiarizing one of his tracks. The song in question, ‘Tere Saath’ was upload roughly a week ago and Shamoon’s fans immediately noticed a striking similarity to his song ‘Taare’, which was released earlier in August this year.

In an Instagram video, Shamoon revealed that at first he was doubtful if it was merely a coincidence but when he shared the song with his friends and family, they also agreed that the two songs had an undeniable similarity. He said that they pointed out details in composition and that someone even asked a professor from a US university who spoke up about how the similarities in the composition were evident. The singer opened up about how Bilal had disabled the comments on his video after releasing his song which made it very obvious that the song, in fact, was stolen.

Bilals Reaction

Bilal however, took to Instagram and denied all such accusations. He argued that this is the first time he has heard about the singer Shamoon or listened to his songs. He also stated that he does not need to copy anyone as he has been creating original music since the past ten years. Not only this, he defended himself by saying that the same intros with guitars can be found in enormous numbers in pop songs such as Fast Car by Tracy Chapman, East Side by Benny Blanco and Love Lies by Khalid. Furthermore, he questioned Shamoon as to what action he wanted to take if he thought Bilal has in fact ripped him off.

YouTube Takes Action

Shamoon promised his fans that he would deal with this issue professionally and take the legal route instead. He reported the song to Youtube and to his relief, Bilals’ song was taken down. Shamoon’s fans were ecstatic and the singer gained an immense amount of love and support even by those who hadn’t heard his music before. He urged people to always stand with the truth and dedicated his victory to his all his supporters.

What do you guys think of this HUGE drama? Are you Team Bilal or Team Shamoon?


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