Punjab University (PU) suspended 5 students associated with Islami Jamiat e Taleba. This was in response to the studetns beating up a man sitting with his wife on campus. The Jamiat has previously been involved in cases of violent moral policing as well.

The PU administration also suspended a security guard, who watched the incident without intervening.

Videos of the incident went viral on social media showing a crowd outside the PU history department, looking on as a group of students beat up a man, as her wife tried to stop them.

A still from the Video. A group of students can be seen assaulting the victim

“What has he done? He is my husband,” she can be heard saying in an attempt to dissuade the violent students from assaulting her husband.

The man, identified as a Awais Rind, had gone to the History Department to pick up his wife when he was beaten by the IJT students, PU Spokesperson Khurram Shahzad said.

After the incident the PU Vice Chancellor Prof Niaz Ahmed took notice. Ordering the PU Registrar Khalid Khan to take efficient and harsh action against the perpetrators. “No one has permission to take the law into their own hands,” the PU spokesman stated. Adding that the incident was “unbearable” and reassured the administrations commitment to “maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in the campus”.

He said that five IJT students involved in Rind’s thrashing have been suspended, along with a security guard who stood and watched instead of preventing them from beating the man.

On 25th the meeting of concerned departments was held and later the suspension announcement was made.

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar also took notice of the incident, sought a report from the administration, PU spokesperson said.


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