Coke Studio’s recent rendition of Koko Korina ft Momina Mustehsan and Ahad Raza Mir received a massive amount of hate from people all over the country aka YOU GUYS!! #KoKoKorinaMassacre and #RipCokeStudio has been trending on twitter since its release, clearly portraying the discontent of the audience. People have been insanely creative with their negative tweets regarding the song; here are 9 that caught our eye:

1. This one person comparing Momo to Altaf Bhai. 10/10 for humour!!

2. This post might be sponsored by Tarang

3. This one person thinks the song is definitely a human rights violation

4. Maybe we can simmer down on the hate a bit

5. And here we have someone who believes that Mankinds Angel has some major competition now

6. We’ve got people thanking Coke Studio for finally creating unity amongst two opposing political parties

7. This cafe has decided to cash in on the hate with a discount deal on shakes

8. Brownie points for creativity

9. Apparently #KoKoKorina has claimed many victims

Jokes aside, people all over the nation sent out an enormous amount of hate to Momina and Ahad. Maybe the composition didn’t work out for some but that doesn’t mean we get personal with our comments. Not only this, it’s just a song and everyone should have the freedom to express themselves.

Team PG tried singing the song as well


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