Yesterday, news reports of recently acquitted Asia Bibi being flown from the Multan’s women prison to an “unkown destination” was spread across social media. 

On Thursday, the Foreign Office Spokesperson, Dr Muhammad Faisal denied the report claiming, “There is no truth in the reports of here leaving the country – it is fake news.”

The former quote was attributed to Asia Bibi’s lawyer Saiful Malook, who himself has had to flee the country amidst threats to his life. However, resources have confirmed that Asia Bibi has been brought to Islamabad after leaving the Multan Jail, days after the Supreme Court overruled her conviction. Asia Bibi has been released after a 9 year long imprisonment out of which she was on death row for 8 years. 

Following Asia Bibi’s acquittal, country wide protests were held by the Tehreek-e-Labaik, against the court’s decision. The protests lasted for three days, bringing major cities to a standstill and only died down once the government agreed to the terms and conditions being demanded by the TLP.

While multiple countries have offered Asia Bibi asylum, she currently remains in Pakistan with the government keeping her movements and whereabouts a secret due to security concerns. 

For more details about Asia Bibi’s case click here.


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