The known journalist, Urooj zia, who accused Faisal Edhi of sexual harassment, recently caused a storm on Pakistani Twitter. This time not as an immediate victim, but as a representative of anonymous victims. The accused, this time, is Taimur Rehman-the professor, the singer and the Marxist. She maintained that more than 15 girls reported against Taimur, for groping at KLF’14, and the victims don’t want their identities revealed. Taimur Rahman hasn’t responded to the allegations, yet. Many people have given their opinion regarding this, some in favor of Taimur and some supporting Urooj zia.

In the wake of #METOO movement, many victims have had the courage to speak against sexual predators, and this act of courage has been praised by many. But, to what extent a victim can provide evidence, is still debatable. Those, who have some kind of digital evidence; they can easily take the predators to the court. The one’s with no evidence has to go through the claims of falsely accusing someone. Their only savior is the moral compass of the harasser, which, unfortunately, is not very active in Pakistan. In the case of Taimur Rahman, the victims are anonymous. Urooj zia is speaking on their behalf, which left the claims open to be termed as false claims. As Taimur criticized her allegations against Faisal Edhi as social media ranting. And pointed the question ‘whether unsolicited advances can be termed as harassment’. The definition of harassment, as to what can be termed as harassment is still in the pipeline of literary circles. As it can be different for different people. Some cannot feel the same act done against anyone as harassment.

Urooj Zia, on the right.

Tamiur Rahman, later on, has been criticized for criticizing the #METOO movement. He, criticizing Urooj zia’s allegations, doesn’t mean him criticizing the movement itself. In recent past, some events happened, which made people think non-seriously about the movement. Movement is not the object to be criticized, but there is nothing which immunes #METOO from criticism. People have right to speak against or in favor of anything. From politics to religion, everyone has his/her own opinion.
The matter is not yet resolved and it remains to be seen how it turns out.


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