Many don’t get along with western movies or seasons, but in case of Godless, they need to. What’s fascinating about Godless is its characteristic of being “Godless”. It shows how death will chase you, and grim reaper can be no other than the most loved soul; the soul you sheltered right in the middle of the heart. The director, Scott Frank, has done justice with the story.

The cast some mesmerizing skills of acting. Jeff Daniels and Jack O’ Connell, were exceptional, doing justice with the characters.

A still from the show

The show is underrated, perhaps, because of the western picture it portrays. But, neighing of horses, tragedy, gunfire’s, lawless land, the pitiless cruelty, fearlessness, cowboys and a land inhabited only with women; against the antagonist, makes “Godless” worth watching. Cinematography was breathtaking. The portrayal; how a cruel world can be good at the same time, is brilliant.

Godless is the beginning of hope to come to an end. Hope to be in this immortal world for one more day.
Godless is Godless!


Watch the trailer here:


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