From Fair&lovely to Vital Signs’ “Goray Rang ka zaman”, it’s no secret that Desi population is obsessed with being fair and white. An ode to our colonial legacy perhaps.

Our contributor Muneeb Khan shares an interesting piece of writing that explores this collective obsession:

Being born darkly wheat-ish in color, I struggled a lot. The struggle stretches from dreaming about things to washing my face; just to see it same as before. But, I never stopped dreaming, and it has costed me my reputation. I dream of the same privileges every other person enjoys, who are not of my colour, and have failed miserably. It has been a wild ride with life.

Friends are very important for a good life. They are always there with you, through the thick and thin of life. But, there is always a friend, who motivates you to wear shocking pink in the month of Muharram. Due to my origin and the unique color, I never dreamt of dating someone. I did justice with my existence. But, that special friend motivated me to date his girl, all the way from Islamabad. The idea of dating someone, that too a blind date, shook me to the core. The one voice that echoed in my ears that time was ‘Why not give it a try?’
Time, date and venue was already decided. And I was mentally ready for the date.

The day finally came, now I had to get physically ready for the date. For that, Neutrogena and all other whitening products, helped me. She reached the spot earlier than me. I once again experienced failure in life. But, when I reached there, her expression caught me. The expression was no more different from the expression when you order something online from and when you finally get it. And it looked like ‘if depression has a face’.

She inquired Oh!! So, you are the one?
Right away, she said, I have this song in my mind, if you allow me, can I sing it for you?

Amusement hits me so hard that I replied ‘what can be better than a melodious start to a relationship?’ you should definitely give it a try.

She started singing” tumhen dekha to yeh jaanaa sanam”.

Who doesn’t know the second line of this song. It finally worked, I asked her to stop, and told her I know your answer. And I, spiritually thanked, all those whitening products and my friend. This could not have been possible without them.
She vehemently said No! Please let me complete.

I said yes speak up “Kia janaa sanam?”
Her melodious voice again echoed in my ears but, this time with a surprise
“tumhen dekha to yeh janaa sanam, pyar hota hai kitna kala sanam”

This line was followed by an awkward silence, a broken heart, and a goodbye.

Contributor: Muneeb Khan


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