A recent study reveals that Pakistan has one of the highest connectivity gap based on gender. Women do not have the same access to internet and digital devices as men do.

Pakistan, like many others states, is a male dominant society. However, women are struggling for equality.

The evolving world is a digital world, people from different centers of the world are connected through the internet. In this global village, everything is linked to thr internet, from education to learning life skills.

Not only this but the internet helps you connect with the modern ideas of the world. Nevertheless, in Pakistan, women aren’t allowed to use mobile as much as men.

An artistic deptition of female empowerment linked with connectivty

This hinders the exposure to information and news women have, which means their world is restricted to narrow domestic walls. This lack of information makes women depend on men even more, as now they don’t have exposure to ideas. A lot of the time this restricted access is also linked to ideas such as honour. Men control the social circles women can have by limiting access to the digital world.

This is affecting the growth and confidence of women, restricting access to opportunities for them. Working women need access to technology, to compete with others on a level playing field.

Government must initiate an awareness program for the society, which doesn’t allow women to have access to technology. For in this age only technonogy can allow for learning of new ideas from different part of the world.

This is not just about access to some technology, it’s so much more than that. It’s about equality.


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