Last weekend kickstarted with all the spirited Lahori’s rushing to Coke Fest to grab a bite from their favourite eateries and enjoy some good desi music. The festival was jam packed and of course, all the socialites as well as many vloggers and media brands were present. We, however, happened to stumble upon the stall of ‘Innovative Biscuits’ and I must say, it was an incredible experience. They aimed to create an environment in which people were in the moment and fully present rather than tapping away on their phones and being consumed by technology.

The brand came up with several exciting activities and engaged with eager customers in an exceptionally interesting manner. The highlight of their stall was the iDisconnect lounge which included a well set up seating area for the fatigued attenders of Coke Fest and food of course was allowed to be brought in. However, the catch was that those present were not permitted to use their phones or any form of technology. Food lovers were to indulge in conversation instead. Surprisingly, the lounge received an over whelming response, making it a hit.

Their Ice Cream Sandwich Bar was appreciated by many. Consumers could choose their personal favorite ice cream flavors and toppings sandwiched between the healthy yet scrumptious Innovative Digestive biscuits to enjoy a free ice cream sandwich. To liven up the stall a bit more, Innovative Biscuits arranged a ‘Mystery Machine’ which had a ‘Try Me’ button. Every time a passer by pressed the button, the entire area would reawaken; lights would beam, music would blast and confetti would go off with a bang. Surprise gifts, including flowers and board games, would also be delivered by a mystery hand, making the entire experience even more intriguing.

And if you guys looked up towards the sky a bit carefully, you would’ve noticed baskets attached to drones carrying Innovative Biscuits, being flown to random people present at the festival. And honestly, how cool is that? The marketing team of Innovative Biscuits did a phenomenal job and plus, the quality of their snacks did not disappoint!


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