When we’re scrolling through our Instagram feed, we all come across a variety of oddly satisfying videos that seem to pop out of the blue. Yes, we’re talking about the plethora of one-minute kinetic sand and slime videos you’ll find on Instagram. And while we’re all pressed for time, we can’t help but spend more time than we should watching these colourful videos on loop. But we won’t bash you for procrastinating, since it turns out, these videos are good for your mental health.

Here are Team ProperGaanda’s top favourite picks of addictive Instagram loop videos!

Two sides of a wave


A busy Nampan Market in fast motion. Or is it a bacteria’s universe?


A donut can have fun too 


From childhood to adulthood, a fluffy cat time lapse


Damn Daniel, this is insanely satisfying 


You’ll never see more perfectly painted lines on a tile


For those of you who always wonder how rings are added to a notebook, we’ve not only solved your mystery but made it extremely satisfying as well!


This water balloon trying to break free!


And the winning video is………….


I’m really not feeling guilty for wasting your time because I’m sure watching these endless loops of mesmerising visual footages has immensely calmed your monkey mind.


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