Have you ever imagined what Hollywood stars would look like if they had belonged to any other country?

Different country = different culture, of course. Imagine if celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were Indians, clad in a typical shalwar kameez or a flowy ethnic saree, with Kim in a messy braid and Kanye sporting golden ornaments to accessorize his look. Difficult to visualize right? Luckily, a talented artist, Rajwansh (FB: Ranjwansh Art), put his artistic expertise to good use and created looks of a range of Hollywood stars shadowed in an Indian persona and the results are interesting to say the least.

1. While Singing Shape Of You…

2. Rihaana Baji Or Wannabe Rekha?

3. All Hail Miley Rani!

4. Miley Rani Ka Lakkri Waala

5. A Jack-Patel Transformation

6. When Lord Voldemort Brings Too Much Drama To Your Life So You Migrate To India

7. The Greatest Crossover In History

8. Hello Friends, Chai Peelo

9. Jalebi Bhai

10. Boss Man 

11. Perhaps Now Their Child Might Have A Saner Name

And that’s how its done folks! Let us know what you thought of these visuals in the comments section.

Pakistani artists in the house, we’d love to see your take on this!


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