Monday 3rd December, was the International Disability Day. A day to remind us that there are some who are differently abled and we must create a society that provides equal opportunities to all.

To ensure the provision of these opportunities, the Supreme Court on Monday summoned secretaries to review reports regarding job quota for disabled persons. The court expressed annoyance over non-submission of required reports by all the four chief secretaries.

A two-member bench headed by Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed remarked that the court could issue a contempt of court notice to the chief secretaries for non-compliance of its orders. During the course of the hearing, representatives of disabled persons, including Muhammad Bilal, Dr Qayoum Naz and Muhammad Saleem, federal secretary for education and four provincial chief secretaries appeared before the bench. The reports by the secretaries were submitted to the bench.

However, after examining the reports, Justice Azmat rejected them, observing that the reports were general in nature and did not contain the required information.

The petitioners pleaded that the authorities were not serious about the matter. Justice Azmat assured them that the court will protect their fundamental rights. The court has adjourned till the third week of December, giving the secretaries a week for the submission of reports on the employment of disabled persons in their respective departments.


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