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According to 2018 ranking of Passport index, the passport of Pakistan secured third last place. That’s not very exciting for Pakistani Passport holders.

But, still there exists countries where travelling for Pakistanis is visa free. There are 8 of them, and 27 countries offer visa on arrival. Some countries also offer E-visa to Pakistani citizens which can be obtained online before traveling to that country.


Visa to all these countries is either on arrival or no visa at all, some provide the facility of E-visa. Despite all these relieves, Pakistani passport holders must fulfil other general requirements such as a return ticket, hotel booking and enough funds to justify their stay in any of these countries. Passport must also be valid for the planned journey and beyond. Generally, most of the countries require you to have a passport with at least 6 months validity.

Following is the list of countries where Pakistani citizens don’t require any visa, they just need to show up and their passport will be stamped for entry to that country. Visa not required simply means that you don’t need a visa and upon arrival visa will not be stamped in your passport, only your passport will be stamped for entry.


• Micronesia

• Qatar

• St Vincent and The Grenadines

• Trinidad and Tobago

• Vanuatu

• Haiti

Visa on Arrival for Pakistani Citizens

Visa on arrival (VOA) simply means that you reach the airport or border of that country, and you’ll get an application form which you’ll have to fill on the spot and you’ll get a visa on arrival, the visa will be pasted into your passport at the same time. make sure you have USD with you and passport size photos because you’ll give photos as well. And visa on arrival fee is generally $50 USD. The following countries will offer visa on arrival for Pakistani citizens.

Benin (8 days)

Cambodia (30 days)

Cape Verde (30 days)

Comoros (45 days)

Guinea-Bissau (90 days)

Kenya (90 days)

Madagascar (90 days)

Maldives (30 days)

Mozambique (30 days)

Nepal (30 days)

Palau (30 days)

Rwanda (30 days)

Samoa (90 days)

Seychelles (90 days)

Somalia (30 days)

Timor Leste (30 days)

Tanzania (30 days)

Togo (7 days)

Tuvalu (30 days)

Uganda (30 days)

E-visas for Pakistani Citizens

Now the very good news is that many countries offer e-visa these days. And Pakistan is also in the list of some countries whose citizens can apply for e-visa online, and obtain it within a few days and then print the e-visa and travel to that specific country. It’s a great way to save time and money. Every country has different requirements for issuing evisa, but most of them only need a scanned copy of your passport (first page with info). Here is the list of countries which offer e-visa to Pakistani citizens and you can go to their respective website to apply for an e-visa.

Antigua & Barbuda (website)

Azerbaijan (website)

Bahrain (website)

Cambodia (website)

Djibouti (website)

Gabon (website)

Kenya (website)

Kyrgyzstan (website)

Lesotho (website)

Malaysia (website)

Myanmar (website)

Qatar (website)

Rwanda (website)

Saint Kitts and Nevis (website)

Sri Lanka (website)

Tajikistan (website)

Uganda (website)

Zambia (website)

Zimbabwe (website)

E-visa is a good way to have an advance proof which you can show to airline and immigration at Pakistani airports so they can let you go without any big hassle.


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