Mukwege and Nadia Murad says one thing: survivor stories matter. Mukwege, a gynecologist who set up a hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has treated thousands of rape survivors who suffered traumatic injuries at the hands of warring militias, while Murad is an Iraqi Yazidi human rights activist who survived enslavement at the hands of Islamic State militants.

These two indefatigable campaigners on a quest for justice have never stopped reminding the world that sexual violence is still an ongoing issue.

Now, as these brave voices who were willing to speak out about unspeakable horror accept their Nobel Peace Prizes on Monday, it is up to the world to do more than nod its head before moving on. It is time to bring perpetrators to justice and to make security for women and girls more than just a slogan trotted out around International Women’s Day and at UN conferences.


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