2018 is turning out to be the year of big, big and even bigger weddings. There was Depika and Ranvir, Prianka and Jonas, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and ofocurse, the Ambani wedding.

The above mentioned wedding ceremonies resulted in so much hype that they were trending for days on end on various social media platforms with fans dying to get their hands on coveted wedding photographs and reliving every moment on the tiny-ish screens of their phones. 

And while India has always had a bigger and more ostentatious film industry compared to ours, one of our very own stars might have upped our neighbours in the wedding department. The celebrity in question is Ali Rehman Khan, who starred in the drama serial Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hogi, and who has been spotted going around town wearing an engagement ring. Now in the celebrity news circles, that is big news. 

But why exactly is a platform that stays away from mainstream tabloid content talking about it? 

Here’s why:


The star has announced that his wedding will be broadcasted on live television at 10 AM tomorrow morning on Geo TV. We’ve all seen morning shows hosting weddings, fashion shows and makeup classes, but this is the first time a well renowned star has opted to have such an intimate and personal event aired on the telly. It is a bit intriguing to say the least. But with the spectacular and mildly over the top show that Ambani put on, who’s to say where we can draw the line anymore.


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